1999 – On the Walls of This Morning

On my desk I have got only a couple of poems from Manojlovic’ new book “On the Walls of This Morning”. These are the poems he sent me from Melbourne for the anthology “Within Family in Australia”, soon to be published by the “Prosveta” publishing house from Nis.
I have no insight in the full collection of his poems. I have, in front of me, only the strictest Milos’ selection of painted words (he is a painter and a poet). Too few rhymes for me to provide complex analysis of his work. I have, however, accepted his invitation because it gave me the opportunity to express my admiration, not only towards Milos’ art, which he creates far away from his Nis and Serbia, but also towards his human and poetic destiny. The destiny of our artist in the far away world – Life on departure and on arrival. Poet and artist Milos Manojlovic writes poetry and paints to save himself from the tremendous solitude in Australia. As Leonardo Da Vinci says, there is no difference between a poem and a painting: “Poem is image that is heard and painting is a poem that is viewed”.
Dragan Kolundzija
Belgrade, 27th September 1999

Poems from the Book