I was born in Serbia in the Autumn of 1956, in a place called Titel, on the river Tisa . Flat lands under a wide sky. There I completed my primary schooling. In the fifteenth year of my life my parents moved to Nis in Southern Serbia . The city of archaic and historic monuments. The river, which runs through Nis, in its womb buffs the stones which long ago were parts of bridges that crossed it. There I continued my schooling, graduating in economics and the arts in 1982. While at high school, I started writing poetry. I also joined a theatrical society and I often red and recited my poems. While at University I was involved in the publication of the students’ newspaper. There I continued to publish my poetry. Upon graduation I took up a variety of jobs from bookselling to creating ceramics… All in the search of satisfaction, financial as well as that other satisfaction – the love of what one is doing. The need to create, search, form oneself, free oneself…

In April of 1989 I migrated to Australia , to Melbourne . From this point I started to paint. Painting has become my freshest and most tender hope. A hope and a need. Lack of English language knowledge frustrated my will to write.

With my works, predominantly oil paintings, I have participated in a number of group and individual exhibitions:

  • 1990 – Eclectic Easel Gallery
  • 1991 – ‘Tradition and Cosmopolitism’ Victorian National Gallery
  • 1992 – Rotary Club, Ringwood, The Emerald Hill Art Show, Brighton Art exhibition, Victoria Police Art Exhibition, Artist’s association Art Exhibition
  • 1993 – Hydra Open Studios, Melbourne
  • 1994 – A Thousand-handed Hydra, National Gallery Victoria
  • 1996 – Roar Gallery Melbourne , Oil on the Road – Group exhibition
  • 1997 – Margaret Coaxall Gallery, Williamstown –solo exhibition
  • 1998 – Customs Wharf Gallery, Williamstown – OMNI – solo exhibition – the best local artist award
  • 1999 – A short story was published as a result of the Melbourne Fringe Festival.
  • 2000 – International Art Colony participant – Sicevo, South Serbia
  • 2002 – Melbourne Art Show – 2 nd prize
  • 2003 – Touring solo exhibition – Nis , Belgrade , Novi Sad and Herzeg Novi
  • 2003 – Retrospective Exhibition – ABC Art Gallery
  • 2004 – today – a permanent exhibition of works in my private gallery in Collingwood, Melbourne
My works of art reflect my most tender thoughts about the world, people, love and all else that surrounds me. One day the humanity will measure its greatest steps by what remains of words, paintings, music… The man has become cruel, alienated, unhappy, devastated… Sometimes I just want to register my thoughts. To paint, so that one day I will be able to recognise past memories, the aging of my thought processes, when all I will have are these memories or nothing but my sight. Maybe it is an identification of some face from the past.

Not only that, art provides for the “possibility of agreement between my deepest contradictions or at least a great, always new symbol that provokes my creativity” (H. Hesse). However, creativity is valuable only if it is unrestrained. This adds another dimension to art – visionary, prophetic, and to my painting an anticipated, not totally obvious stroke, abstract after all. The one that provides that possibility.

Speech as an implement, word as power… the word has elevated the man. I link visual images to words. That is the way I think.

Art has the ability to take that which exists and drag it away from death toward a more lasting existence. Art draws to its heart that which is full of life and thus discovers the meaning of life itself by lifting that which is transient to the realm of immortality.

Art simply happens. It is like when the light baths something which was long in the shade. That is what has occurred with my painting. From one painting to the next, there is a story laden with colour. These colours are from this time in which we live and of that which happens to us when that time permeates our faces.

Despite this, I am still trying to anticipate the future which man carries within himself, on his face and in all he comes into contact with. Human signs are implied, written in everything. Signs of humanity, ruins, deserted faces, faces of silence, bodies of silence, marked thoughts about freedom, a silent stroke, a wheel of life which never stops…

Is it possible to paint the human silence, suffering, future, or the inherent greed? What colour to call it all so that it can be recognised? In my painting I try to find the answers to all these questions and I do this by bringing to it as a sacrifice my thought on the platter of my heart. My painting is like a story that never ends, like the search which tempts and carries within it an exciting temptation…

Milos Manojlovic

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